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The Gabby Reece Show

Jan 18, 2021

My guest today is the amazing Functional Medicine extraordinaire Dr Will Cole.

Dr. Cole really helps us get our brain around how the gut can impact so many other things in our health like auto immune disease, thyroid issues, anxiety, brain health, and even hair loss. He drills down on how blood panels work best when read by somebody who is looking for nuances in the panel before it’s a problem. The reality with most blood panels is that they’re looking for an average marker that usually indicates a problem and not the fact we could be heading towards a health issue. Dr. Cole does not make it overwhelming to pursue feeling good. It’s all about small, consistent,  and concise steps to help you feel good.

I loved this conversation because I learned so much and his coherent  ability to spell it out so that we can make these practices achievable in our every day life. We must always remember that one size does not fit all. Enjoy


Listen to Dr. Will Cole's new podcast: The Art of Being Well everywhere podcasts are found.

Website (with tons of free information and ways to connect with Dr Cole)

Insta: @drwillcole

Books: His books have questionnaires in them so you can start to get a picture of how you are feeling and doing so with directive questions that he uses in his practice


Inflammation Spectrum


And his latest book Intuitive Fasting

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