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The Gabby Reece Show

Aug 16, 2021

James Nestor is a NY Times Best Selling author and is on the podcast today talking about his latest book BREATH. James is the perfect advocate for why breathing correctly is vital for our emotional and physical health, and a curator of so many important people working in this area from dentists to gurus. He also explains how his interest in free diving led him to author DEEP and how this book brought him to write BREATH.  

James shares what types of diverse breathing practices exist, and also reminds us that breathing correctly day in and day out may be one of our most underutilized tools we possess.  Not to mention it's FREE and you can do it anywhere.  

He even answers the question why everyone used to have straight teeth, and now why we need braces in modern life. 

James himself has changed the way he breathes after learning about the powerful benefits of simply breathing through your nose.  We get into the why and the how of breathing: Breathing for performance, recovery, managing stress and anxiety, better sleep, and avoiding long term illness. Enjoy

 Website:  /

Books: Deep, Breath, Get High Now (without drugs)

Virtual Reality project: The Click Effect

Instagram: @mrjamesnestor


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