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The Gabby Reece Show

Dec 14, 2020

Looking for clear practices we can do in our every day lives to have less of an impact on the planet? II know I am and I’m often confused on just how to do that. That’s why I’m excited that my guest this week is Graham Hill .

Graham has always been interested in ways of how to do it better and with less impact from one of his first companies life edited, where he created everything you need in small spaces, to his new CARBONAUTS. Graham shares doable and realistic ways we can all have less impact on our planet. 

See below all of the sites that we discuss in the show if you are looking for resources. Enjoy


The main site is

To investigate Rooftop Solar: PickMySolar (please use that specific link)

To buy Renewable Energy Credits (RECs):

To buy high quality Offsets at reduced pricing:

To get out of your Lease so you can drive an EV: Swapalease

To Optimize your Flights: Skyscanner (search and then click box on left side at bottom)

To find composting drop-off locations:

New Missions Launching

-Slash your Footprint: Quickly see your rooftop solar options, check out EV possibilities, buy some offsets and if you can't avoid flying, pick a greener flight.

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