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The Gabby Reece Show

Sep 7, 2021

 My guest today is Kombucha king GT Dave. GT is a unique blend of farmer of live drinks who takes each batch of Kombucha as seriously as his first, non compromising entrepreneur, and loving son. GT started his Kombucha business 25 years ago out of his parents home and now has 40% of the market.

GT is the sole owner of his company and to this day brews to order. He has been able to dominate in his space without giving up quality or care for his product. 


GT has endured family death and divorce only to come out the other side a little more resolved.

He has now added Husband and Father to two small babies so it's suffice to say like all of us he is also doing the work/family juggle. He is a shining example of what determination, commitment and passion look like.  

I have enjoyed and appreciated his product myself for over 20 years and to meet him is to understand why GT Dave's Kombucha is so good. He has turned his Kombucha empire into GT's Living Foods.



Instagram: @gtdave3



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