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The Gabby Reece Show

Jan 4, 2021

Happy New Year!!

This week you are stuck with ME.  My second attempt at a solo podcast.

I dive into marriage, parenting, nutrition, self care, the experience of going public with Laird Superfood in late September and my 3 Ps formula

Perspective/perception, Practice and that Perfect is NOT the goal. Think of this as a friend sharing a few thoughts. Enjoy

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Morning drink mentioned: Laird Superfood Activate, Cocoa Creamer, and mushroom blend. 

Supplements: Shatavari, Maca, Ashwagandha, TRUNiagen, Omegas, Vitamin D, Shilajit

 Podcasts: Joe Rogan, Eric Weinsteins the Portal, Tim Ferris, and my guilty fun pleasure Wondery Bunga Bunga narrated by Whitney Cummings.

Books: Awareness lecture by Anthony Demello, Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray, and the Courage to be Disliked by Alfred Adler