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The Gabby Reece Show

Sep 28, 2020

On today’s podcast my guest is legendary extreme snowboarder Jeremy Jones. Like most athletes of his caliber if you look just under the hood you will find someone who is not only passionate but incredibly thoughtful about their lives. As dedicated as Jeremy is to riding unridden mountains he is equally as dedicated to his family and protecting the planet. We discuss what it’s like to take an unproven path and trust yourself enough to follow that inner voice.

Jeremy shares that he was in fact a late professional bloomer and that his career choice may have not been understood by society or his parents. How does one navigate that? Mr. Jones it’s not a particularly outgoing person and doesn’t enjoy conflict, but he is willing to follow his convictions on protecting mother earth and put himself in the line of fire around the climate change discussion.

For over a decade he and his team have been trying to positively and strategically impact policy. This is not about a combative conversation, but a collective strategy around solutions for our planet, and one of them includes voting. Jeremy is definitely brave on the mountain, but he’s also brave as a person.

At the end of our conversation I had to drag Laird in to ask the two of them about what drives them be it in the ocean or on the mountain. What do they feel? Jeremy is Methodical, courageous, dedicated,  humble, and still having fun.  Enjoy

To learn more about what you can do Jeremy has some incredible organizations or watch his film

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