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The Gabby Reece Show

Nov 9, 2020

Today’s guest Ricky Johnson is motocross bad ass turned off road truck champion. Ricky is a man not defined by his sport but yet defined by his spirit and internal sense of right and wrong. We talk about not growing up with the easiest childhood, but using that as energy into something positive and productive. Ricky also shares what it was like to have his winning career cut short by an injury and how he managed that sudden transition.

Of course we talk about relationships! Ricky has been with his wife Stephanie for over 30 years, raised three  kids and how he is addressing time , and keeping his sense of curiosity and fun alive. There is only one Ricky Johnson. He is a shining example of hard on the outside, tough as nails, and just pure love on the inside. Like a true warrior.

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