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The Gabby Reece Show

Dec 7, 2020

Catherine Gray is interested in supporting equality and women entrepreneurs. With the creation of her 360karma business she connects phenomenal female founders and funders to help address the need for women’s funding. Catherine has her weekly podcast “invest in her” and a wonderful foundation called she angels, which encourages female business women to invest and mentor up and coming female entrepreneurs. Getting started can be challenging for anyone, and she is trying her best to figure out ways to make this a clear and encouraging path for dedicated businesswoman. We talk about how to do that, and we even talk about the different biological responsibilities facing woman,  and what some of those conversations need to look like. I am of the true belief that we cannot send women out into the business world believing 1/2 of the population is against their success, while still straddling the idea of women helping women.


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You can find Catherine at

Visit the she angels website to learn more about grants and mentoring or listen to her weekly podcast INVEST IN HER on Apple, Spotify, Google Play and iheartradio