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The Gabby Reece Show

Jul 5, 2021

My guest today is Dr.Yinka Davies and she wants to once and for all help us with our gut health. When to take a probiotic, is a pre biotic necessary, how many trillions do we need, how do we support our children's microbiome and how do we know what really works. We did not go woo woo. Dr. Davies did her fellowship as a Pediatric Gastroenterologist at the Stanford University Medical Center. She is as "doctor" as they get, but realized early on that PREVENTION is paramount. Oh, and imagine that what we eat impacts our health. Dr. Davies is a new crop of Doctors trying to create a practice around our modern day lives, our lifestyles with what food we have access too, and how to do our best to bridge some of the gaps. Information we can all use. Enjoy!

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