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The Gabby Reece Show

Apr 26, 2021

On the show today are entrepreneurs Ashleigh and Trey Lockerbie, founders of one of my favorite beverage companies. They share how they went from a music career to the accidental creation of Better Booch: Kombucha in a can. The two went from dating, selling at farmers market, getting married, figuring out their roles within work, having a son, almost losing it all, and learning that difficult times end up being the cloaked blessing.

Listen to how they even co leased a building with another beverage co, which they believe contributed to their success today. A different take in what typically is a dog eat dog competitive world. Enjoy
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To find stores near you that carry BB go to their website for store locator, amazon and they now sell at their website delivered to your door. 20% off with code GABBY2021