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The Gabby Reece Show

Aug 23, 2021

Hollywood photographer turned shark documentarian and advocate Michael Muller is on the podcast today. For thirty years Muller has been shooting the most famous faces in the world. 

 In between shooting actors and movie posters, Michael is traveling  the world's oceans documenting sharks with nothing between himself and these curious creatures.  Flipping through his beautiful Sharks book published by Taschen, one would think Muller wasn't afraid of anything. Like the rest of us Michael possesses his own personal battles and shares some of the work he has done to ease bits of his anxiety or make peace with the pain. One would wonder how shooting 17 foot sharks, that he was afraid of, has helped him navigate to some inner peace. 

Father of three daughters, husband, artist, friend and protector of sharks makes Michael Muller one of the bravest people I know because he's leaning into the things that make him uncomfortable.  Enjoy



Book: Sharks published by TASCHEN

VR project:  INTO THE NOW

Instagram: @michaelmuller7


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