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The Gabby Reece Show

Nov 2, 2020

Today's guest is Daoist Monk turned "of the world" Doctor of Oriental medicine, acupuncturist, husband, father, entrepreneur, environmentalist, humanist, and overall ass kicker Dr. Pedram Shojai. His books like THE ART OF STOPPING TIME must really work since he seems to be able to get more completed in a day than most of us in a week.  I wanted to use him as a template to ask questions about navigating everyday things since he does have a unique and well trained perspective, but is in the day to day trenches like all of us.  Straightforward, loving, hopeful and helpful.  Dr. Shojai is a great example of building abundance in all the ways that matter, and how we can really participate in making our lives and world a better place, and a place that reflects who we really want to be.  He is kind but I really appreciate the none fluff way he drills down on accountability so that we really can develop the tools to make the desired  changes we are all  looking for in our lives.

Dr. Shojai's Book: The Art of Stopping Time

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