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The Gabby Reece Show

Oct 19, 2020

On today's show is Executive Director of The Whale Sanctuary project marine mammal activist Mr. Charles Vinick.  Remember Free Willy?  Well, along with an incredible team Charles shares his story of being a part of trying to reintroduce Keiko (actor who played Willy) back into the wild after the Free Willy film stars thousands of  fans insisted he be liberated from his tiny tank in Mexico City. Funny what kids know is right without being told.

I loved this conversation with Charles for a number of reasons. I'm intrigued by how intelligent Orcas, dolphins, and beluga whales are.  Charles shares details about their language and social structure.  One that is reliant upon connection, cooperation and family just like us.

The other thing that I felt was important about this talk is the shining example Charles unknowingly is.  Is he an activist?  Without a doubt.  Has he dedicated his life to getting people to re think some of our social norms re: these majestic animals  being in captivity?  Yes.  Does he do it with anger or blame?  Calm and clear, and most importantly Charles wants to work with the parks to make this shift and not villainize them, but to  focus on the right move for the animals already in captivity. What is being done to stop China from  ordering baby Orcas and Belugas from Russian fishermen?  Some fetching up to 5 million dollars each. 

In a day and age where everyone is yelling, his whisper like voice rings clear as a bell. A  real life adult who is willing to stand up for what he believes is right.  Join us and find out if Keiko ever made it back to Iceland.  Enjoy


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