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The Gabby Reece Show

Jul 19, 2021

Today's guest is Jim Karas. Acclaimed trainer, nutritionist and author. Jim gives an overview on his go to pillars whether it's being an entrepreneur, your physical fitness practice or your nutrition.

Jim shares his latest project, a new book that he co authored with his daughter Olivia. Olivia Karas was a division one gymnast for Michigan. Together they give a transparent depiction of what it takes, the injuries, the sacrifice, the highs, and how the entire family is a part of the journey. Jim even shared some of the conversations he wishes he had with his son Evan while Evan was navigating being the sibling of and over achieving sister.

Jim is experienced, intelligent, compassionate, and transparent.

Twitter: @jimkaras1 Instagram@kim.karas

Confessions of a D-1 Athlete Co authored with Olivia Karas
The Business Plan for the Body
The Ultimate Diet Revolution
Cardio Free Diet
The Petite Advantage Diet
The 7 day Energy Surge Flip the Switch

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