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The Gabby Reece Show

Jun 21, 2021

My guest today is the former trainer to Michael Jordan and Kobe,  Mr. Tim Grover who wants to have a real talk about "winning" your race.  Whatever winning means to you.  With his new book Winning: the unforgiving race to greatness where he does not sugarcoat what it takes.  In a day and age where coaches and bosses have been stifled Tim is here to be your true advocate.  At first glance one can easily mistake his no nonsense delivery as someone who couldn't possibly "understand".  Quite the contrary.  He not only understands he cares enough to say it how it really is. We should all be so lucky to have someone in our corner that thinks about our success as much as Tim does.  Enjoy


Books: Relentless Winning

Instagram: @timgrover



Tim is available for public speaking events