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The Gabby Reece Show

Apr 19, 2021

Today's guest is 12 time Olympic Swimming Champion Ryan Lochte. Fair or unfair he has been associated with swimming as much as poor judgement during his Olympics in Brazil. I believe in this conversation Ryan is giving us a chance to just know Ryan. Who doesn't make mistakes, we just didn't make them on a world stage. How is he creating the output to go for his fifth Olympics, train, father two young children and show up as a husband? Ryan shares how he trains now vs. then, and what mindset it takes to keep showing up even during your darkest times. He has not had an easy path and yet he still stands/swims.
What I learned and heard from Ryan is don't misconstrue how deeply he feels, and deadly focused a kind happy go lucky guy can be. Enjoy.

To train with Ryan go to Loch'd in training at
You are able to literally train WITH Ryan twice a week. Whatever your fitness level and with whatever equipment or not you have at home.

Insta @ryanlochte

I made a reference to his wife's live re: explantation surgery. You can find it at @kaylaraereid
dated March 29.

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